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I’ve been travelling since I was a kid but I’ve only started documenting my travels from 2015. Drag the timeline to explore all the destinations I’ve explored ever since!

Hi! I’m Leta

I’ve started The Nerdy Me back in 2015 with the only goal in mind – to spread positivity and idea that travel is for everyone. Oh, and don’t look at me like that! I’m a -something full-time student with anxiety. If I can travel a few times a year, so can you!

On The Nerdy Me you’ll find embarrassing and entertaining travel stories from my adventures, informative guides, the best resources and budget-friendly tips that I picked along the way. My ultimate goal is to show and teach you that travel can be both affordable and environmentally-friendly. Even if it’s not always perfect, travel is the most rewarding experience one can invest in.

Much love, Leta